Mot, Hai, Ba…ZO!

Last night we decided to go on a street food tour round Hanoi’s old quarter. We were picked up in a cyclo and dropped off at a random restaurant where our guide for the evening, Johnny Walker, was waiting.

Food we tried included Cha ca, catfish fried with turmeric and dill, where we were shown how to make our own spring rolls, washed down with a few shots of coconut rice wine!

We also got to try bahn cuon, rice batter filled with minced pork mushrooms and shallots, bit of a strange texture but nice dipped in fish sauce and chilli.

We also tried our first Banh Mi, a French baguette with pâté and cold meats. Great way of soaking up the rice wine!

Last to try was a duck street eat, sweet, greasy and juicy with nothing going to waste (we weren’t offered the head but the neck was delicious)

They also chopped and fried the duck with pork sausage and rice, finished off with more rice wine.

Mot, Hai, Ba…ZO!

Last but but not least, we got to try the infamous egg coffee, sounds gross but tastes like tiramisu, delicious.

All in all a great way to discover some of Hanoi’s famous street food.

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