Phnom Penh and Eating Spiders!

It’s been a while since our last post, our first 11 days in Cambodia have been jam packed and we had some friends fly over from England to meet us so we’ve all been travelling round together.

Our first stop was Phnom Penh and we wasted no time getting stuck into the local Khmer food. Carrie and Sarah began their love affair with Fish Amok on the first day and continued to have it twice a day for the next four days!

Another favourite was Lok Lak, tender beef cooked in a tomato based sauce with mild spices and a delicious dip made up of salt, lime juice and the famous Kampot pepper.

Now for the adventurous food! We visited Romdeng, a training restaurant for former street kids to give them skills for future employment. A famous dish on their menu is fried Tarantulas! The legs were crispy and the body and head had meat in, tasted like pate or chicken and bacon mixed together.

Seth also ordered beef with red fire ants, a dish we’d heard good things about. However, it was dark and it wasn’t until we examined the photo later that we noticed all the other insects they’d snuck in there!!

Of course, a trip to Phnom Penh has to involve a visit to the killing fields to learn about the terrible atrocities the Cambodian people suffered at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Choeung Ek is more of a memorial site now, but it was one of the many killing fields where thousands of innocent people were executed. Looking at it you wouldn’t think this field was the site of hundreds of mass graves. A very moving experience.

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