Food Hell

Eating out isn’t always fun, here’s a list of some of the worst food we’ve had. In no particular order:

River Fish
This steamed river fish we were force-fed in Vietnam was truly awful. You could taste the riverbank. They say that food resurrects past memories…this reminded us of eating dirt in the garden as a child.

Soily fish

Indian Curry
A restaurant in Pai, Thailand provided us with out of date microwaved curries, stale naan breads and a side helping of food poisoning. If you’d like sit on the toilet for 3 days we’d recommend the restaurant that claims to sell the “best Indian food in Pai!”

(No pic, the memories are too painful!)

Red Fire Ants
Not content with eating two tarantulas in Cambodia (which were surprisingly okay), Seth got ahead of himself and ordered beef with red fire ants for his main. Unbeknown to him there were also many other disgusting insects lurking on the plate, the novelty soon wore off!

Thick Gravy Noodles
This small noodle shop in Bangkok sold pork, noodles and gravy…you can’t possibly go wrong can you? You can if the gravy is the texture and colour of wallpaper paste. Never again.


Fry Up
Not your usual Saturday morning fry up, Seth was lumbered with this one night in Hanoi after his first choice of a sandwich was sold out. Grease laden sweet Chinese sausage, eggs, soggy potato and an unknown textured meat product not dissimilar to Pedigree Chum.

Grease is the word

Everywhere you go in South East Asia they make their bread with sugar so it’s unusually sweet. Cross that with disgusting butter and you cannot get a good piece of toast anywhere. Give us a slice of Warburtons and some Lurpak any day!

Sugar Overload

Pad Thai
This may cause some controversy as it’s a backpacker favourite, but Pad Thai really is one of the most boring Thai foods out there. Bland flavours, ingredients and colours, this dish really is something not to get excited about. They say you are what you eat, thank goodness we don’t eat Pad Thai!

Once was more than enough

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