Penang – City of Food and Culture

We were excited to come to Penang, mainly because of its reputation for great street food. Anyone we’d spoken to or anything we’d read online raved about the hawker stalls and food courts. And it hasn’t let us down. Compared to street food elsewhere in Asia this place is on another level. We have also made a new discovery…the joy that is the Food Court.

For anyone not familiar with a food court – it’s basically a big centre with lots of hawkers selling different foods. You go in and choose a table, take your table number to the stall you want to buy from, they cook it, bring it over, you pay and it’s done! No waiting around for bills, no commitment to a certain stall and if you all want to eat different things you can.

Red Garden is a popular food court among tourists but we didn’t think the food was as good as the others we visited. However, it does have the entertainment factor. They have a band and singer doing the usual cheesy classics, a hit with the oldies who all love a good boogie! The night that we went, we met this lovely old guy who took a shine to Seth and kept giving him a strange pork candy floss style snack to eat. He was 82 and said he went there every night.

And here are a few of our favourite Penang foods:

Not only has the food been amazing but Georgetown is one of our favourite places we’ve visited so far. With old Chinese shop houses, amazing street art, vibrant Little India, colonial architecture near the riverfront and old Chinese clan jetties, we could wander round these streets for days. Everything is so multi-cultural and the people are so friendly and genuine. After the constant stares, heckles of “hello!” and ulterior motives in previous countries, this has been a breath of fresh air. Thanks Penang, it’s been a great intro to Malaysia.




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