Bintang time in Bali

“They say If you like Kuta, you need to go home” is what Jimmy, our host on the Island of Gili Air in Lombok said upon meeting. We told him we’d just spent a week there, the Magaluf of Bali – full of young, wild Australian tourists.

Being on a budget we went for the cheapest beach destination in Bali. The only reason we stayed so long was because our hotel had a fantastic pool that we pretty much had to ourselves every day. We had a few good meals in Kuta, one was at a cheap local restaurant called Warung Indonesia where we had some great veggie food and fish.


Seth got to take part in his first ever food challenge at Havana Club – Tequila Hell-fire Wings! “Finish the whole pot of tequila hell-fire wings and sauce to get your name on our wall of fame and a free T-shirt” it said. Sounds easy, Seth is a pro at spicy food after all, but what we didn’t realise was the amount of sauce there would be..and that it was pure chillies ground into a paste.

He started well, but the sheer amount of chillies hitting his stomach began to make him feel sick and it was a real struggle to the finish…but the thought of the free t-shirt and place on the wall of fame spurred him on. Challenge 1 completed and a 100% record so far!

It was good to be back in Asia after a brief 3 and a half week stint in NZ and OZ. Our intro to Bali was Ubud, a town made famous by the book and (terrible) film Eat, Pray, Love. It’s generally regarded as the cultural capital with lots of arts and crafts shops, surrounded by paddy fields. Indeed very pretty but we found the hawkers here particularly annoying and aggressive. One of the town’s main attractions is Monkey Forest, a nature reserve containing Hindu Temples and of course the monkey mafia – Macaques.

The final part of the island we visited was Sideman, a rural area in the east, where we stayed in a beautiful resort with an infinity pool overlooking the paddy fields. It was a treat as it was way above our budget, but we really wished we’d got to see more of this side of Bali.

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