Arequipa – La Ciudad Blanca

Arequipa, also known as the “white city” is situated at 7740ft and surrounded by volcanoes. The most impressive of these, El Misti, creates an incredible backdrop to this colonial-era city.

We spent a couple of days wandering the cobbled streets filled with beautiful buildings made from white volcanic stone and eating in a couple of Picanterias which the city is known for. “Picante” means spicy in Spanish and these small restaurants serve up local cuisine in ginormous portions.

The dishes we really wanted to try were Rocoto Relleno, a large chilli pepper stuffed with meat and cheese and Chicharrón – fried pork belly. Two days in a row we ordered platters of food that were far too big and unfortunately would come back to haunt us in the days to come, but at the time the greasy goodness was worth it!

Arequipa is a great little city to spend a few days and has so far been one of our favourite places in Peru.


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