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Colourful Cartagena and Adios Colombia

Cartagena is beautiful port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, with stunning colourful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets within the walls of the Old Town, dating back to the 16th century. It’s super touristy and a big cruise ship destination but it is indeed very pretty.

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From the Mountains of Minca to the Caribbean Coast

Minca is a small town up in the mountains of North Colombia and just forty five minutes from Santa Marta city. There are lots of hikes and waterfalls in the area but we headed to La Candelaria, a coffee and chocolate farm. It’s a bit of a mission to get to, a 4WD (or moto-taxi if you’re brave!) for about…

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Salento And The Coffee Region

Salento is the dream. A cute colourful town, cobblestone streets, with a pretty plaza and bars filled with cowboys, situated right in the middle of Colombia’s coffee region. We fell in love as soon as we got there and by the end of our stay it was one of our favourite places in South America.

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Moai at the Easter Island quarry

The Magic and Mystery of Easter Island

Easter Island remains a mystery. Officially part of Chile and over 2000 km from its nearest neighbour, this remote island still holds the secrets of a lost civilisation, covered in hundreds of Moai statues and the ruins of a village perched on a volcano crater that was home to a strange ancient ritual.

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