Bogota And The Start Of Our Colombian Adventure

We don’t think we really gave Bogota enough time, after a 17 hour delay on our 6 hour flight from Chile, we wanted to get away from the city and into the countryside. We were staying in La Candelaria which is the gritty historical centre, famous for its street art.

As we only had a couple of days we took a free walking tour. Our guide was very knowledgable about the history of the city and also talked about Colombia’s turbulent past and current situation. We visited the prominent street art in La Candalaria, walked to downtown and Plaza de Bolívar.

We tried various local drinks and snacks including Chicha, a corn based fermented alcohol which has the consistency of saliva. They used to make it this way, local women would chew the corn and spit it into a pot and the saliva would ferment it, but now they use sugarcane (although the texture still seemed the same!). We also tried Obleas, thin wafers filled with cheese, jam and caramel. These were made famous when Mick Jagger ate one here, so all the stalls use his face as their unofficial logo!

Bogota definitely deserves more than two days. Be sure to check out the Botero Museum, this houses some of the works of Colombia’s famous artist Fernando Botero. He is well known for his paintings and sculptures showing things to be fat or disproportionate!

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  • denise gittens August 8, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    Street art is great, but the chichi looks horrible thinks it the thought of it being saliva.
    Fab place though xxxx


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