Cancun and a First Taste of Mexico

You may have noticed we haven’t posted as much about food on this trip. Sadly, apart from Ceviche, the cuisine in South America just didn’t live up to the standards of Asia and it was so unhealthy! At first it seems great but a few weeks of eating only fried food and carbs with absolutely no flavour in any dish it starts to get less appealing. Mexico, thankfully, is where this all changed.

Cancun is known for its strip of 5 star all-inclusive resorts, but it also has a downtown area where all the locals live, with a few hostels and some great food options. We stayed in El Pueblito hostel which is run by quite a crazy character called Hector. It was just off Parque Las Palapas where there are dozens of pop-up food stalls selling all sorts of Mexican dishes at incredible prices.

On our first night we tried Tacos al Pastor – tacos with pork meat that is grilling on a kebab-style skewer. We also tried a Burrito al Pastor, the same as the tacos but fried with cheese. Ok, so still not the healthiest food but at least it’s tasty! You can help yourself to the selection of salsas and toppings, as much as you want. Three tacos and a drink cost 25 pesos which equates to just £1.

We had to check out those famous white sandy beaches and there are buses that run from downtown to the hotel zone for about 11 pesos. There are several public beaches with free chairs and umbrellas that the government fund, our favourite was Playa Delfines. No restaurants really in the area but we found a lady selling tacos just down the beach. They were so good that we went back the next day and she gave us the local price rather than the gringo price we’d paid the day before! We tried the octopus, fish and beef tacos, with some great spicy salsas.

Three days is probably enough for Cancun and we headed further on down the coast excited at the prospect of what food we would discover next.

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  • denise gittens September 23, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    Great to see you enjoying yourselves, those beaches look perfect the sand looks like icing sugar xxxx


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