Village Life in Tordi Sagar

Tordi Sagar is a small village in rural Rajasthan, around a three hour drive from Jaipur. Our home for the night was Tordi Palace, a beautiful heritage hotel and the ancestral home of the Khangarot clan. 

We spent just a day there, walking through the narrow, dusty village streets and observing daily life. Children followed us everywhere, desperate to pose for photos and falling about in fits of giggles when they saw themselves on screen. The people were so warm and friendly, happy to let us into their lives without asking for anything in return, except maybe a photo on our camera which they would never see again. It was a wonderful, charming little place.

tordi sagar

Tordi Sagar Palace

Tordi Sagar


Look at that iron!

We took a camel cart ride out to the sand dunes to watch the sunset, a beautiful red sky casting a glow over the desert as we sipped masala chai tea and took in the beauty of it all. A perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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