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Life and Death in Varanasi

“Don’t go to Varanasi.” That’s what we’d been told by a few people we’d met on our trip. “You’ll either love it or hate it,” others had said. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. Filthy, smoggy, the traffic is insane – it makes New Delhi seem like The Cotswolds. But it is one of, if not the most mesmerising and unforgettable…

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Beauty and the Bizarre in Orchha

Orchha is a small town on the river Betwa in India’s northern Madhya Pradesh, a beautiful ancient land filled with magnificent forts, medieval palaces and sacred temples steeped in history and legend. It is mystical, spiritual, colourful and completely vegetarian.

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Alipura and the Kama Sutra Temples of Khajuraho

Alipura is a small rural town in Madhya Pradesh. Around eighty percent of the Indian population live in small towns and villages like this one, so it was really great to visit another. We stayed in Alipura Palace which is over 150 years old and has been partially converted to a heritage hotel by descendants of the original ruling family. Staying here…

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