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Top 5 Travel Scams in Latin America

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We wrote before about our top 10 travel scams in South-East Asia and although many of them weren’t particularly dangerous, they were all quite annoying and had the potential to lose you some money. Some of these occur worldwide and also applied to our trip in Latin America, but there were also other scams we’d heard of or experienced and…

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San Antonio de Areco

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San Antonio De Areco is a picturesque colonial town, dating from the early 18th century. Known for its gauchos and silverware, you can spend your days walking around the cobbled streets stopping at little coffee shops and restaurants, or visiting a few of the small museums.

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The Pampas, Argentina

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After a few days in the city we left for the Argentine Pampas to spend a day at an Estancia riding horses with gauchos and feasting on an asado lunch.

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Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

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Our visit to Argentina was to be defined by two things…steak and red wine. Luckily, one of our friends lives in Buenos Aires, so he took us to some of the best restaurants and wine bars in San Telmo.

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