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Seth’s Sausages of South America

Since it’s been exactly a year that we were stood on the roadside at a Colombian-style trucker stop, boasting an elderly man adorned in a hat with a sausage attached by a spring, I thought it was about time we shared a few of the sausages that we indulged in on the trip. The first sausage we enjoyed was at…

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Top 5 Travel Scams in Latin America

We wrote before about our top 10 travel scams in South-East Asia and although many of them weren’t particularly dangerous, they were all quite annoying and had the potential to lose you some money. Some of these occur worldwide and also applied to our trip in Latin America, but there were also other scams we’d heard of or experienced and…

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Salt Flats, Volcanoes, Geysers and Flamingos

Uyuni is a strange Bolivian town, a desert-like landscape in the middle of nowhere and at 3656m. The main reason people come here is to visit the Salar De Uyuni – the world’s largest salt flat. And it’s cold, it’s very very cold. We booked up on a 3 day 2 night tour that would take us through the salt…

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Sucre And Walking With Dinosaurs

Sucre is a beautiful city, filled with white-washed colonial buildings and pretty tree-lined parks. It has a lower altitude than other nearby cities and lovely weather, we felt like we were in Spain rather than Bolivia.

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Caiman, Monkeys And Anaconda In The Amazon

We’ve always wanted to go to the Amazon and Bolivia is one of the cheapest places to do this kind of tour in South America. We skipped the jungle (we’ve done this many times and only ever seen insects and a few monkeys) and booked a three day two night tour of the Pampas wetlands on the River Yacuma.

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