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Top 5 Travel Scams in Latin America

We wrote before about our top 10 travel scams in South-East Asia and although many of them weren’t particularly dangerous, they were all quite annoying and had the potential to lose you some money. Some of these occur worldwide and also applied to our trip in Latin America, but there were also other scams we’d heard of or experienced and…

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Ilha Grande, A Brazilian Paradise

Pristine beaches and untouched jungle cover Ilha Grande, an island approximately 3.5 hours from Rio by car and boat. Years ago the island was home to a maximum security prison, housing some of Brazil’s most notorious criminals and this is partly the reason why everything has remained so preserved…nobody ever wanted to visit.

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Rocinha Favela Tour, Rio De Janeiro

Should we take a favela tour in Rio? We’ve seen a great deal of poverty before, we don’t want to walk around gawping at people and shoving a camera in their face. Is it safe to go into a favela, even with a guide? We had lots of questions before deciding to take a tour of the Rocinha favela in…

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