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Top 5 Travel Scams in Latin America

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We wrote before about our top 10 travel scams in South-East Asia and although many of them weren’t particularly dangerous, they were all quite annoying and had the potential to lose you some money. Some of these occur worldwide and also applied to our trip in Latin America, but there were also other scams we’d heard of or experienced and…

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Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo

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Puerto Viejo is a small town on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It’s known for its laid- back vibe and great food. It’s also very expensive for a backpacker budget so unfortunately we could only stay a few days.

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At the Copa, Copacabana

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Finally we made it to South America! Our trip started with three days in Rio De Janeiro, hitting all the tourist sites, while trying to fit in some less touristy things and getting to know the local cuisine.

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Top 10 travel scams in South-East Asia

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Long term travel means you are constantly watching what you spend, so avoiding being scammed out of your life savings is a big deal.   More often than not, you rarely lose more than a few pounds, but it’s difficult to find the balance between wanting to help someone out who is genuinely worse off than you, and not having…

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