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Mexican Fish Tacos with a Fiery Pineapple Salsa

Tacos are everywhere in Mexico, from street stands to restaurants – they’re a quick snack as well as a full meal. Fish tacos are generally deep fried in batter, so we combined our recipe with the marinade for tacos al pastor and shallow fried the fish to make it a little(!) healthier. The salsa is a great addition to tacos,…

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Playa Del Carmen and Mexico’s Best Chicken Shop

Playa Del Carmen is just an hour down the coast from Cancun and is a much more compact town. All of the beaches are public and there is a small walking street called 5th Avenue filled with shops, restaurants and bars. Our hotel was just a few blocks back from the beach in more of a local area with much…

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Cancun and a First Taste of Mexico

You may have noticed we haven’t posted as much about food on this trip. Sadly, apart from Ceviche, the cuisine in South America just didn’t live up to the standards of Asia and it was so unhealthy! At first it seems great but a few weeks of eating only fried food and carbs with absolutely no flavour in any dish…

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